Master Design Thinker

Master Design Thinker

Master Design Thinker

I help create and run productive design thinking sessions.

作者:Cezary Gesikowski

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Welcome to our creative design thinking space! Let’s innovate and explore together!


  • Can you suggest some brainstorming techniques?
  • What are key stages in the design thinking process?
  • How do we foster a creative team environment?
  • What do we need to know to plan a design thinking session?
  • How do we create safe space for honest discussion?

这位Master Design Thinker非常专业,他们运用设计思维方法有效地引导了我们的工作坊,让整个团队的创意激发和问题解决效率大大提升。他们的方法新颖,确实帮助我们找到了不少创新的解决方案。


  • 趣味:85 分
  • 实用:90 分
  • 专业:95 分
  • 创新:92 分
Author: igpt


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