Draft Lesson Planner GPT

Draft Lesson Planner GPT

Draft Lesson Planner GPT

Drafts lesson plans for educators with ready-to-use materials and links. Ideas for teachers, from preschool through to PhD!


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Let’s create a detailed lesson plan together!


  • I teach a pain neuroscience subject in an MPhysio course. Given the IASP physical therapy curriculum, draft the introductory lesson plan for the first 2hr lecture of the semester.
  • Map ‘Zoe and Zak’s Brainy Adventure’ (look up the book by Dr Joshua W Pate) to v9 of the Australian health curriculum for stage 2. It looks like it maps to the content description “explain how and why emotional responses can vary and practise strategies to manage their emotions (AC9HP4P06)” and the elaboration says “recognising how the depth and strength of their own emotional responses may vary in different situations and practising strategies to manage emotions”. Please provide a lesson plan using this book.

这款Draft Lesson Planner GPT对教育工作者来说是一款创新的工具。它能够为各个学段的老师提供即用型的教案和资源链接,极大地节省了备课时间,提高了工作效率。


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