Museum GPT

Museum GPT

Museum GPT

Snap a picture of Artwork. Ask questions! Get intelligent answers. The ultimate docent.

作者:Erik Groset

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Welcome to our virtual gallery! Please share an artwork for discussion.


  • What was going on in artist’s life when they made this?
  • What’s a weird fact about this work of art?
  • Why is this piece of art popular?
  • Do you know the story behind this art?
  • How much is this work of art worth?
  • Make a derivative work of art using this as inspiration.
  • Was this artist rich or poor?
  • What are other works of art that are famous by this artist?
  • How many works of art did this artist make?

Museum GPT是一款革命性的应用程序,它让艺术爱好者通过简单拍照就能与艺术作品互动。智能问答功能仿佛有一位随身携带的专业讲解员,增强了参观博物馆的体验。


  • 趣味:90 分
  • 实用:95 分
  • 专业:85 分
  • 创新:92 分
Author: igpt


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